Tree Swings

Tree swings are a great way to gain another source of enjoyment from your trees. However, not every tree is right for a swing. Having a Qualified Arborist inspect the tree before installation is a must!


Tree Swings

Before a swing can be installed in any tree by Heartwood, the tree must be evaluated for both health and structural stability. Many times, pruning will be required prior to the installation of a swing to remove any limbs above that may be hazardous. Because of this, there's no "Standard Swing Price" that we can quote without inspecting the tree first. Heartwood's standard swing setup uses a 5/8" tree strand rope with a tensile strength of over 8000 pounds. The line is attached in the center of the tree and then redirected around a large nearby lateral limb. Utilizing two points in the tree not only allows for better final placement of the swing's location near the ground, but also serves to better distribute the load.

The seat Heartwood uses is a rectangular section of wood (see picture) with the line running through the center. The system can be setup to allow for additional styles of swings to be attached to the line once installed in the tree.  



To start the conversation about swinging from your trees, call Heartwood 704-525-3066.


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