Quite possibly the most underrated service we offer.

Stump Grinding

The lone stump grinder prowls the town in search of subterranean cellulose like a hungry wolf.

Getting to the meat of it

Our self-propelled stump grinders grind back and forth on the stump, getting lower into the meat of the stump with each pass. This obviously produces a lot of stump grindings.

Stump grinding

Not What you think

The amount of wood beneath the surface usually is much more than people imagine.

All said and done

Once all of the woody material has been ground, the stump grindings are pushed back into the hole that the grinder has created. This is a service called "grinding and backfilling the stump". All of the material is left on site, in a pile usually about 10%-20% larger in diameter than the original stump.

At this point, the area is ready for another tree to be planted. If grass is going to be replacing the tree, haul as much of the grindings away and amend the soil to provide a fertile bed for the grass seed to take hold.


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