Heartwood's philosophy on Plant Health Care is focused on whole plant health, not just what we can see above the ground.

Plant Health Care

Trees and shrubs have adapted to grow in natural ecosystems and our urban/suburban landscapes are anything but natural. This is why we offer a host of services based around alleviating the stress to your trees and shrubs.

Pest & Disease Treatment

Pest Management

Our trained arborists and professionals are able to identify and help manage a wide variety of insect/arthropod pests that may be harming your plants.

We have a host of treatment methods to manage damaging pest populations from the smallest azaleas to the largest oaks trees.

EAB Trunk Injection

Disease Management

Plant diseases are part of any natural ecosystem, but in your landscape they can run amok. Proper identification, timing, and treatment methods are all important components to successful disease management. Whether it's bacteria or fungi, leaf spot of root rot, our arborists use the latest scientifically proven methods to cure your plants.

Landscape Watchdog

This pragmatic approach to landscape management includes seasonally activated scouting for insect, disease, and cultural problems. It can include your whole yard or be tailored to just a small patio or garden. Our focus will be on ornamental trees and shrubs up to 30 feet tall. We use targeted products to treat for specific pests or diseases affecting your landscape. Treatments are based upon the pests/diseases life cycles allowing for treatment when they're most vulnerable. This enables the use of low volume applications resulting in fewer residuals in your landscape.

Deep-Root Soil Conditioning/Soil Sampling and Custom Fertilization

Our custom blend 'Arborplex' mix is designed to improve all around soil health to our over burdened urban/suburban landscapes.

Arborplex provides three services to the soil by adding:

1. Organic material like black sea kelp, yucca extract, and black worm castings to improve soil texture and increase nutrient absorption.

2. Beneficial bacteria which naturally fix nitrogen and make other nutrients available while mycorrhizal fungi aid with plant nutrient and water uptake.

3. Commonly lacking essential macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients for trees living out of the natural nutrient cycle require.


Soil Sampling and Custom Fertilization

You have heard the saying ‘you are only as strong as your weakest link.’ That goes for soil nutrients, too. If there is just one essential nutrient unavailable in the soil your trees and shrubs will not look their best. If soil pH is off, soil chemistry changes, making nutrients unavailable to your trees and shrubs. By analyzing soil samples, Heartwood Arborists are able to come up with a custom blend of soil nutrients and conditioners tailored to the needs of your site.

Root Collar Excavations

All trees, big and small, should have an exposed root collar. The root collar, or root flare, is the bell shape at the base of a tree just as it comes out of the soil. Tree root collars are routinely buried due to incorrect nursery practices, installation, and/or mulching. This area on the tree is not evolved to be buried and buried root collars have been correlated with poor tree health. In addition, buried root collars are associated with circling roots that can cut off proper circulation to the tree, and cause the tree to become unstable. Using our Super Sonic Air Knife™, Heartwood Arborists can reveal a trees root collar, allowing the tree to have a breath of fresh air.  Click here for an informational video.

Soil Decompaction/Construction Relief

Improving the soil your trees grow in is essential for longevity. This includes rebuilding soil structure through decompacting and organic amendment treatments. By decompacting the soil, we allow air and water, essentials for tree root health, to penetrate the area roots inhabit. Organic composted material provides nutrients to the soil, and aids in maintaining proper soil structure. This service is ideal for trees that are victim to poor construction planting, but is also a good idea for planting bed preparation.

Tree and Landscape Consulting

Our experts are trained to read the body language of trees. This not only includes tree health but structure as well. We can investigate and report tree structure concerns so you can make educated tree management decisions.

Our experts can set up health care programs for pre and post construction activities. These services may include; Vegetation and Soil Protection Zone preparation/restoration, or minimally invasive utility trenching using the Super Sonic Air Knife™.

We can also create Tree Inventory and Management Plans to help property managers better understand and care for their tree resource.

Tree Banding

Stop cankerworms in their tracks by banding your trees in the fall. Conquer the Canker!


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